Just the beginning…

So Hi.

“My name is Ashton Darrow and I am a business management major from Abilene, Texas” (I’ve said that a million times).

Now that’s out of the way- let’s get down to business.

I’m taking a class called Management Information Systems, so naturally we do techy stuff and are required to have a media platform of some kind. We can do this project with other people in our class, so my friend Christy Duke and I decided to combat this together. (Up until now I’ve never had a blog cause quite frankly I didn’t think anyone would care about my thoughts- But HA now I have an excuse).

Basically, each week we will take turns posting a blog. There is no specific topic we will blog about, being that we have totally different interests and hobbies. Sooooooo…… each week we will take turns writing a blog! You will never become bored.

I, Ashton, will mostly be blogging about Travel and Outdoors because they are my life long passion. Oh also, there might be a blog or 20 about Texas. BECAUSE I LOVE TEXAS!!!! Expect some lame humor, also.

Christy will write about normal stuff, like food recipes, life lessons, crafts, fashion. (Christy here… I LOVE Pinterest! So there will probably be a lot of experimenting with that!)

SOOOO, please check back from week to week and learn some stuff about life from two highly intelligent business students.

With LOVE,

Ashton Darrow & the lovely Christy Duke


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