Texas, our Texas

“I must say as to what I have seen of Texas it is the garden spot of the world. The best land and the best prospects for health I ever saw, and I do believe it is a fortune to any man to come here. There is a world of country here to settle.” – Davy Crockett, Alamo defender, 1836.

I am quite passionate about Texas, if you didn’t already know that (Nothing makes me more giddy than a field of Bluebonnets). I am here today to let you know about THE most major and important holiday that is quickly approaching.

TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY – March 2 – Only the most Important holiday in texas

Texas Independence Day is the celebration of the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836. It is an official holiday in Texas (duh, but why don’t we get out of school yet?). This was the day that 59 Texas settlers signed the document to break free from the clutches of Mexico. The eventual result? A land flowing with milk and honey where all good and perfect things reside.

I have celebrated this holiday ever since I was just a wee-little girl Texas just learning about Tex-mex food and the Texas Longhorns. I owe this knowledge and passion to my dad (aka. Texas Historian).

My call to action for this blog post is to go visit Frontier Texas! (Frontiertexas.com) in glorious, downtown Abilene, Texas. What an incredible museum that gives such rich details about Texas History, specifically the Big Country area. My dad and I literally spent 2.5 hours in the museum and didn’t even get to finish because they closed.

“Located in historic downtown Abilene, Frontier Texas is a western heritage center that brings the Old West to life with the help of state-of-the-art technology. Frontier Texas also serves as the official visitor center for Abilene and the Texas Forts Trail Region.”

Honestly, if you didn’t already know about Texas Independence Day and its importance, then I am embarrassed for you and your non-Texan ways.

God Bless Texas, Y’all

Ashton Darrow


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