International Business and Oxford Goals

As I have finally arrived across the atlantic ocean, overcome jet lag, and fallen in love with the unfamiliarity of Oxford, I have had homework thrust upon me. For the month that I am here we are required to journal every day. The first assignment:

“What is international business to you?”

To me, at the mere beginning of this trip,international business is simply business on a large scale. It is the fascinating difference between currencies, languages, time zones; it’s a plane trip across the world for a meeting or a phone call with someone in China. International business is the piece of the puzzle that connects the 246 countries of the world.

“what are your Goals for this trip?”

1. Discover the possibilities in working internationally, or at least with a job that travels frequenty.

2. Spiritually, I want to learn more about this culture and determine what is it about this place that they (as a whole) lack God.

3. Appreciate differences in other people and be more understanding of the stereotypes against them.



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